Squonk Box Mod

With the Nanohm we have created a design to reach an extreme compactness and miniaturization. Indeed the box is small, you can hide it in the palm of your hand.

The material of its architecture makes the Nanohm resistant. Very light and discrete Nanohm will be your daily fellow in your movements or in your pocket without feeling the weight as a handicap.


The Nanohm box is made by SLS 3D printing. Its structure is made of Nylon and Carbon powder giving it lightness and strongness. Very compact in hand the box is soft and pleasant to touch.

Conductivity “Full Mechanical”
Powered with a 18650 battery the box is entirely mechanical without electronic chipset. The box is meant for an informed Vapers public.
With silver lammellas that reduce the risk of oxidation, the Nanohm will guarantee a foolproof reactivity.

Lockable switch. With an innovative kind of switch you can transport your box safely. With a simple move up of the thumb you will lock the switch to prevent any power trigger.

A convenient 5.5ml MM Dinky Silicone Bottle will feed your atomizers up to 24mm diameter.

Top Cap Plug and Play
Perfectly held by powerful magnets, the top cap will lift up to allow battery replacement or fluid refilling.

Custom colors or polishing are possible to bring a touch of personalization to your box. Please feel free to contact us.

Nanohm Bottom Feeder Box

€ 120.00

The box Nanohm comes in the following styles:

  • Black
  • Full color
  • Poo’lished
  • Carbon 2 Color
  • Color 2 Carbon


SnV • Mods has designed
an innovative and quick system
to lock the switch of the Nanohm
in order to transport or store it
in perfect safety.


The bottle of the Nanohm fills up
by lifting the top cap of the box.
For more comfort in refilling,
we suggest you to use of a dedicated Refill Bottle.


DimensionsWidth: 4.1 cm / Depth: 2.5 cm / Height: 7.3 cm
MaterialNylon + Carbon Powder
Weight45 grams
ContactorsSilver Lamellas
Squonk Bottle5.5ml. Non-proprietary bottle
Atomizers acceptedAll BF atomizers up to 24 mm
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